Organization of Indian College of Pathologist

The Organization of Indian College of Pathologist was started under the banner of IAPM with a view that the field of Pathology has evolved tremendously in the recent years and there is a paucity of PG degree and diplomas in sub specialties / super specialties under the purview of Pathology and facilities for CME programme for practicing pathologists and also to the institutions are inadequate. Also a need was felt for the creation of a central body governing various aspects of practice of Laboratory Medicine including standardization and quality control programme, licensing and accreditation of laboratories and establishment of norms for laboratory technology, syllabi and courses in the field of laboratory technology.

Every year the ICP admits to its fold senior members as Fellows of the ICP after a due evaluation process. Usually upto 10 Fellowships in a year are awarded.

The ICP also conducts Postgraduate Diploma Courses in various Centres in India in various subspecialities / super specialities in Pathology and the successful candidates who have passed in the previous year are being awarded their Certificates at the subsequent APCON Conference.

The ICP also successfully conducts every year the AIPNA ICP International CME in Pathology in collaboration with Association of Indian Pathologists in North America (AIPNA)

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Dr. Vijay Vinayak Joshi

Prof Francisco Couto


Col Prof Deepak K Mishra

Associate Dean

Dr Usha Kini


Dr J Thanka


Prof Ritambhra Nada


Founder Members of Indian College of Pathologist

Dr. S. J. Nagalotimath

Founder members of Indian College of Pathologists, Belgaum

Dr. C. I. Jhala

Founder members of Indian College of Pathologists, Ahmedabad

Shivayogi Bhusnurmath, MD, FRCPath

Academic Affairs Co-Chair, Department of Patholoy St. George’s University School of Medicine Grenada, West Indies


Dr. K. P. Deodhar


Dr. V. H. Talib


Dr Usha Kini

Professor of pathology ( Research)
St John’s Medical College
Bangalore, 560034


+91-80-49466241 / + 9448270384