Aims of the Indian College of Pathologists (ICP):

  1. To identify and established the sub-specialties/super specialties in Pathology, the institution for the training, to lay down syllabi and to conduct examinations for the above.
  2. To award fellowship and Certificates (those awarded certificates would become members) in subspeciality and superspeciality identified by ICP.
  3. To act as national advisory body to NMC and allied bodies in all academic and technical activities of undergraduate and postgraduate education in the subject of Pathology.
  4. To promote Quality Control and External Quality Assurance programmes in Pathology and prepare the guideline for reporting in various subspecialties.
  5. To promote good standard of, training for medical laboratory technologists.
  6. To facilitate and co-ordinate in conducting of professional development programmes and CME’s.
  7. To promote training programme in SAARC and other developing countries.
  8. To promote nationwide collaborative research.